What is the kundalini? How to awaken it?

We are living in the universe which is completely full of cosmic energy. We are like a fish in the water, even though we are thirsty. Because we are not connected with the cosmic energy of universe. The kundalini energy is invisible latent energy situated in the body. It helps us to connect with the cosmic energy. If this energy awakens from root chakra muladhara , and reaches to crown chakra sahastradhara, then the mental power of such person is increased very well. Presently, we are not able to connect with the cosmic energy of universe. But once the kundalini energy reaches crown chakra, we are recharged by the

connection with the cosmic energy of universe. Presently, we use only one percent power of our brain. If we tap more of this latent brain power, then our life may become much better.


The kundalini energy is not the imaginary creation. But it is scientific discovery found out in very higher state of the sadhana by several yogis. If regular meditation is done, this kundalini energy is awakened sooner or later. Then after, he need to find out the kundalini expert, the Siddh guru, the master.


The kundalini awakening may be done by three ways.

  1. By own sadhana
  2. By shocking change in life
  3. By blessings of Shaktipat of Siddh Guru