Siddhyoga Yoga Path

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||

Path of SiddyYog is based on time-tested tradition and is most scientific one that helps the seeker in their spiritual journey in a kind of accelerated but safe manner.

One of unique thing about this path is that Enlightened master, who has studied this path for years after sitting and living with his / her Enlightened Master and gained the direct experience, passes on his / her experience to the seekers in easy to understand and absorbing manner so that seeker do not just depend on theory, speculations and imaginations. Reason to mention this is based on common observance of the society at a large where many self-proclaimed Masters or Gurus with half-knowledge deludes himself /herself. Obviously there is danger to go to a person with half-knowledge as it easily distracts deserving but novice seekers.

In this sense, learning under the able master is very important to get blessed and initiated via divine grace or in more traditional yogic sense what we call as “Shaktipat”

SiddhYog Sadhan Manadal under which we are learning the meditation is in fact was started by Enlightened Master Shri Vibhakar R Pandya and the same tradition is passed on to his son Shree Vishal Pandya who has been prepared for this unique work by Master himself. As far as lineage of masters is concerned, our beloved Master Vibhakar R Pandya learned in this tradition under various Masters and also studied and researched himself very thoroughly all the ancient Vedic scriptures, world religions and philosophies at very young age. After learning and gaining the Self-Realization and studying the Yogic sciences of the India and studying World religions and philosophies, Rev. Master Vibhakar Pandya devised the unique method to aid the seekers of the world to march fast in their spiritual journey. This accelerated process definitely saves many critical years of the deserving spiritual seekers.

Another equally interesting fact that most seekers of the world might not be knowing  is that there are 3 traditions or paths to get initiated via divine grace or thru “Shaktipat”

First is by Lord Ved Vyas, the greatest teacher of humanity – the Creator of Epic Mahabharat and many other Spiritual Texts.

Second is by Sage Parshuram

Third is by Lord Shree Krishna, who graced the Arjuna.

In Our Siddhyog tradition, we are continuing the tradition of Lord Shree Krishna and Enlightened Master Vibhakar Pandya has initiated thousands of seekers thru this methodology of Kundalini initiation and same is carried forward in present by his son and disciple ( disciple first obviously…!) and is spreading it across India and world including USA, Canada and other continents of the world.

|| Hari Om Tat Sat ||