Maun (Silence)

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||

As we are exploring various subjects of meditation, kundalini, Shaktipat and Pranic Healing, it is interesting to know that what is the ultimate purpose of all these subject in spiritual practices.

Essence of spiritual science and practices is to know the “Self” or our true identity or to attain the stage of “Self-Realization”. As we mention the word “Science” in our spiritual practices all the time, it essentially deals with theory and practice.

Spiritual science talks about “Jiv” or individual consciousness and “Shiv” or cosmic consciousness. Essence is to know that we are not limited as a body but we are infinite as a cosmic consciousness or “Shiv Svarup” as they say in yogic terminology.

As we practice to know our true identity thru the systematic scientific process of seeking or sadhana, the last stage in seeking is to encounter the “Complete silence” or “maun” as they say in yogic terminology.

Maun or silence in literal sense means to be detached from speaking. But as we analyze this subject further, we can observe that even we refrain ourselves from talking, our eyes speaks some language, our behavior expresses some language , we write some words and convey something and eventually, our mind is still over active despite we refrain from speaking. From the true seeking perspective is, this type of silence has no meaning as this will not aid in seekers journey towards “Self-Realization”.

So in truest sense, “Maun” or “Complete silence” is an art and science of going beyond the mind which eventually leads to the Self-Realization.

To further understand the subject better, we can say that this complete silence can be better presented in two steps as “Sahaj Maun” or “natural silence” and  “Param Maun” or “ultimate silence”

In the process of understanding “natural silence”, it is essential for seeker to observe the “thought current” that is running inside the mind while sitting in meditation practices. As seekers practices, gradually a critical stage will arrive where gap between two subsequent thoughts is prolonged. As this gap between two thoughts is increases, seeker advances toward the precious moment of attaining the  “Self-Realization”.  The basic reason for this is, essential nature of the “Soul” is “Eternal Peaceful bliss”.  So as seeker starts to practice of being in “natural silence”, possibilities to attain  the “Self-Realization” are increased many times compared to other methods to attain the “Self-Realization”.

For the seekers who are initiated in SiddhYog path of meditation method as devised by Enlightened master Shree Vibhakar Pandya, there is advanced workshop for the topic “Complete silence” to explore more about this subject. This workshop is usually a residential workshop for 7 days for the advance seekers. For more details about this advanced workshop, please visit this page.

||  Hari Om TatSat  ||