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Normal human beings  uses only one tenth of the brain power. Medical science also believes that the backbone of the brain and the front cerebellum is only developed. Ponces, thalamus, hypothalamus, pinial and pituitary gland have not been developed and little is known about its functions.

Yoga makes good light in this matter. According to it, there is dormant  power in the human beings whose name is Kundalini. It is situated among the second and third beads of the spinal cord in the form of a triangle called as “Kand” in sanskrit, and around it Kundalini is holding his tail with his mouth. It is circular in humans and  square in the animal and the bird. Kundalini is also in the earth and the universe. It can be awakened in humans but  is less likely possible for animal and birds. It is awakened by any spiritual practices and ascends through the spinal cord. If the Kundalini becomes awakened then individual consciousness can be joined  with the consciousness.

According to Yoga, humans have gross physical  body as well as six other bodies associated with it. These are Etheric body, Astral Body, Causal Body, Great Causal body,  Infinite body and Cosmic body.

Yoga also says that there are seven chakras in our spinal column. Mulandhar, Swadhishthan, Manipur, Anahat, Vishuddha, Agnas and Sahasrars. By awakening the Kundalini power from the base location traditionally called in sanskrit as “Kand”and progressing it towards the last chakra Sahastrar, one can accomplish the spiritual goal of self-realization in systematic manner.

Muladhar Chakra: which is situated between the second and third beads of the spine-in line of anus. It has four petals, in which there are four sacraments of the four births. Their god Ganesha is God. Its seed mantra is ‘lum’. It is attached to the body’s anus and part of the foot.

Swadhishthana Chakra: The situated in parallel to ling. It has a petal. In which there are six sacraments of six births. His deity is Brahma. Mantra is ‘vam’. It is connected with reproductive organs.

Manipur Chakra: It is in the ninth line of the spine. It has ten petals. It’s GOD is Vishnu. It is attached to the abdominal organs.

Anahata Chakra: It is in the heart of the heart in the heart. It has twelve petals. It’s  GOD is Lord Shiva. Mantra is ‘ram’. It is connected to the heart and chest limb.

Vishuddha Chakra: It is on the last bead of throat in the spine. It has sixteen petals. It’s  deity is Jivatma. Mantra is ૐ. It is attached to the neck organs.

Agnya chakra: It has two petals. This is the same cycle that is continuously rotating round. It is situated between the two eyes in inner region of  forehead. It’s  deity is Jivatma. Mantra is also ૐ. It is attached to the eye ear nose.

Saharan Chakra: There are 1000 petals. It is in place of the brain in place of Brahmarandhradra.

When kundalini awakens, it travels upward very easily up to Agnya chakra but after that, there is a gap between Agnya chakra and Sahstrar chakra. This gap can only be completed by the grace of an enlightened master. Basically, enlightened master graces the disciple with his super conscious  causal body current and helps the disciple to achieve the difficult task that usually is an obstacle in the path of “Self-Realization”.

Moreover, there are 72,000 subtle nerves that carries vital life energy force  in the body. The main three are ida, pingla and shushumna. The ida which is cool and passes through the left part of the nostril. Pingala, which is hot and passes through the right part of the nostril. Sushumana which passes through the middle of the ida and the pingala. When the ida and pingala are triggered simultaneously, then it opens. Kundalini is located in 4th body, which is causal body .

Whoever does the spiritual practices of any kind, it triggers the awakening of Kundalini and it ascends through the spinal cord. This ascent may cause vibrations and different subtle and strange feeling in the body.  There are 98 characteristics of Kundalini awakening . This is a subtle phenomena, so doctors can not guide and understand these types changes happening in the life of spiritual seeker.  Only Siddh yogi or enlightened master can help and guideseekers here.

In nutshell, Kundalini Shakti subtlke divine energy ascending  thru Sushumna Nadi or subtle nerve in spine from a place called “Kund” – triangular knot to Saharan Chakra is in essene the spiritual journey of the seeker.  Thus, this path is only two to two and a half feet, but it takes so many births  to complete this journey. However, with consistent efforts, self-realization may be achieved in at-least three births. But if an enlightened master expert in Kundalini yoga and meditation practices grants the grace to the deserving disciples or seekers, it is possible to complete this journey within three to eighteen years.

SiddhYog sadhan mandal which was established by Enlightened master Vibhakar Pandya and guided by Siddh Yogi Shree Vishal Pandya is in fact organizing various Kundalini initiation workshops across the India and abroad in USA and Canada to help seekers achieve their spiritual journey.

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||  Hari Om TatSat  ||