|| Hari Om TatSat ||

Group Meditaiton

Joy multiplies exponentially when shared with others without any purpose as explained by the elders of past. Meditation is not spared from this as well.

When we have really challenging day at the work to deliver the results or we fulfill some tough task in business, we are eager to share the same with our friends and family. Why we do that? Just to share about our achievements or our learnings to our close ones, to the one  who cares for us and gives us  the emotional rapport.

Group meditation has the same purpose associated with it.  It helps bring together a group of like minded  people to make them feel good about what they are doing in their spiritual journey and stay together in their journey of devotion.  When you participate in group meditation, you become an instrument to create an environment full of positive energy. This helps accomplish all associated to achieve higher and deeper which may be challenging to do it alone .

It is equally interesting to know that  healing power of group meditation is much more compared to that of a single meditator. When we meditate in group, entire group feels more positive bliss and mind calms easily.

Another equal advantage of regular group meditation is that it helps us cultivate the disciplined approach which otherwise we might skip as an individual. Group meditation in essence makes the seeker motivated for the regular practice which in fact helps seeker progress faster in their spiritual journey.

For the benefit of seekers around the world, SiddhYog sadhan mandal is arranging the regular meditation sessions in various parts of the world on regular basis. Please contact the local coordinator here to organize the local meditation session or participate the one near your home.


Let individual meditators form small groups to practice the meditation together.

When such groups will practice selflessly and regularly, they will inspire thousands  in this world to lead the meditative life.

                                                                                                                            – Enlightnend Master Shri Vibhakar Pandya 

|| Hari Om TatSat ||