|| Hari Om TatSat ||


Sakshibhav or being witness of  your inner mental activities.

In spirituality and meditative life, our purpose is to find the truth or to find what is our subjectivity or who we are. To know this subjectivity, sages have devised unique and interesting methods. Sakshi bhav is one such unique and interesting method to know our own “Self”.

To describe this process of Sakshi bhav  in simple words, we can say that we should be an active and conscious observer  or should witness of  thoughts running inside our mind. Now this looks very simple on first hand, but wait, this is only half of the process, equally interesting and challenging part of the process is that while observing our own thoughts,  we MUST NOT be attaching any attributes  to these thoughts as “good thought” or “bad thought “. In simple words, we MUST STAY AWAY from the conditioning of the thoughts.

To practice the true Sakshibhav from spiritual perspective as per the approach we mentioned above, we need to practice sincerely on a daily and regular basis by sitting in seclusion for a set period of time so that we can be a neutral observer for the thoughts that dancing continuously in our own mind for 24 hours.

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|| Hari Om TatSat ||